3 comments on “1982 Seattle Seahawks Quarterbacks

  1. Mark Blankenburg says:


    I think you need to change the title of this picture from 1981 to 1982. The reason is because if you look at the front of Jim Zorn’s football pants they are shiny. Which was the new fabric that the front of the pants were made of for that season. Plus, Jim is not wearing the hips pads he wore in past seasons. In 1982 he did not wear hip pads in his pants.

    I like your pictures alot. Do you have shots of Jim I could purchase from you? I have known Jim for alot of years. He is a great guy and a good friend.


    • Corky Trewin says:

      Thank you for your attention to detail!
      Regarding photos of Jim, we’ll send you an email to which you can reply. We’ll take the conversation from there.

  2. Mark Blankenburg says:


    I got your email on the whether I was ok with black and white photos of Jim from the 1979-1982 training camps working out and praticing or whatver other cool pictures you may have of him. I replied absolutely I am interested. That was back in early April. I wanted to touch base to make sure you received my response since I had not heard anything back from you to that email. I look forward to seeing those black and whites and seeing what I might be able to purchase.


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